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Mechanical Ultrasonic Cleaner

Mechanical Ultrasonic Cleaner
Product name : Mechanical Ultrasonic Cleaner
Item : GS-M series
Details :

1,Stamping tank without welding gap for better waterproof.

2,SUS stainless steel lid,basket and housing.

3,Ceramic heaters for better heating effect.

4,Temperature adjustable from 20 to 80 degree celsius.

5,Analog timer knob for accurate control:0-20 minutes range.

6,Tank and other metal parts are grounded (ESD-safe).

Benefits of ultrasonic cleaning:

 Fast -short cycle times

 Powerful - Cleans even the hardest impurities effectively

 Pervasive - Cleans all surfaces where the liquid has contact,also complex structures with holes and channels

 Precise-removes even the smallest particles down to micron grade

 Versatile- works well with a wide range of different chemicals

 Environmentally friendly- a water-based and energy efficient process       


● Optical and glass industry                          Printing industry                                     Electronic industry

Chemical industry                                        Jewelry industry                                      Fine mechanical industry

 Metal industry                                               Lab


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