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About Us

Great Sonic is a medium-sized manufacturer specialized in the field of ultrasonic located in Shenzhen. We have served a wide range of industries and markets to cover most applications with more than 18years, Standard industrial ultrasonic cleaners with volume from 40L to 300L, Immersible transducers plates and custom cleaning equipment as well as accessories, Our standard range normally cover most applications, but if necessary, a bespoke machines can be developed and manufactured. In past years, our main market is local market, most of our products sold to European and USA market by some local ultrasonic manufacturers, and from last year, we established our own international sales department, we hope our direct sales channel can help you enlarge your profit margin. 

We design, manufacturer and test all our products in-house, with 6 qualified technicians and engineers are here to provide you with the technical support to overcome all your cleaning challenges, quick and efficient. Our international salesmen also have at least 4years ultrasonic experiences, are able to provide comprehensive before and after sales service on all our ultrasonic cleaners . 

We invite you to profit from the long-term experience of Greatsonic, the manufacturer and supplier of ultrasonic cleaning systems. 


Our strength for your benefit: 

1, Short-term delivery 

2, Technical support immediately 

3, Competitive price 

4, Good after sale service 

5, Market protect 

Inquiries are typically answered within 8 hours.